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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hibernate is slow with JRE 1.5

Hibernate is slow with JRE 1.5. We still don't know why, but the fact is SLOW. We wrote a native SQL instead of Hibernate SQL to generate complexes SQL command. Following is record from Steve's Email:

We found out what the problem was attributed to. It was a very strange and quite frankly a misleading performance issue within Hibernate during the loading of the resultset into memory. We couldn’t pinpoint why it was failing (so slow), but were able to narrow down by a process of elimination (poor elimination). It turns out that we know the issue is one of two things:
· Running Hibernate on Solaris
· Running Hibernate using JDK 1.5
We really don’t care what the issue is because we’ve figured out how to tweak the code and fixed the problem.

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