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Friday, July 06, 2007

SharePoint 2007: Move Site

Move whole site:
1. backup command:
stsadm -o backup -url http://sharepointdev:55 -filename c:\filename.dat
2. create a web application (Do not create site collection)
3. restore command:
stsadm -o restore -url http://sharepointdev:260 -filename c:\filename.dat -overwrite

Move sub site:
1. Save site to a template. How to? See
2. Go to Site setting/Site Template. Click and save template to HD and copy to the other machine if machines are different. Then copy to the other machine.
3. Go to the new site. and use Site setting/Site template ot load to New web site.
4. Create a site and use new template as site template.

1. use command:
stsadm.exe -o export -url http://sharepointdev -filename c:\filename.dat
2. Move to the other machine.
3. use command:
stsadm.exe -o import -url http://sharepointdev -filename c:\filename.dat

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