Sun Application Server Startup Command: /opt/SUNWappserver/bin/asadmin start-domain --domaindir /opt/SUNWappserver/domains --user admin

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fail when you startup Application First time on UNIX

It you see the error message:
/var/appserver/domains is not a directory

when running:
asadmin start-domain domain1

mkdir /var/appserver (I didn't have to do this but maybe you do.)
mkdir /var/appserver/domains
asadmin create-domain --domaindir /var/appserver/domains --adminport 4848 --instanceport 8080 --adminuser admin domain1

Then you will see:
Please enter the admin password>
Please enter the admin password again>
Please enter the master password>
Please enter the master password again>
Using default port 7676 for JMS.
Using default port 3700 for IIOP.
Using default port 8181 for HTTP_SSL.
Using default port 3820 for IIOP_SSL.
Using default port 3920 for IIOP_MUTUALAUTH.
Using default port 8686 for JMX_ADMIN.
Domain domain1 created.

asadmin start-domain domain1
and move on to confirmation.

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