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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

User for Imcomplete Survey

I cannot find the answer to open the imcomplete survey. Some people say they can see the imcomplete response if the site template is TEAM site. But I still canot see it.
The only thing I can see is the user list with imcomplete survey and SQL is like:

select a2.nvarchar3, a2.nvarchar1, a2.nvarchar2, a2.nvarchar10, a2.nvarchar14, a1.tp_CheckoutUserId
from AllUserData a1
inner join AllUserData a2
on a1.tp_CheckoutUserId = a2.tp_ID
where a1.tp_ListId = 'A841EA21-20EC-4B79-AAC0-F1AD25F6278E'
and a1.tp_CheckoutUserId is not null and a2.tp_ContentType = 'Person' order by a2.nvarchar1

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